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C.D. Com Asia Pte Ltd

C.D. stands for Creative Designs and Com is communicating and in this context communicating with gifts and merchandise that talks about your company.

We have been around since 1989 and over the years we have good joint ventures with factories in China, Malaysia, Thailand, HongKong. We are able to provide customers with the most unique gifts that could enhance their profile.

We will continue to be Committed and we are definitely Dependable to service you.

Address 63 Ubi Avenue 1 #05-05, 63@UBI Singapore 408937
Phone 67494133
Fax 67491413
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Umbrella Cap

Blue Grocery/Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag

Colored Non-Woven Bags

Grocery Bags

Soft Toy Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

C D Com Asia: Shoe Bag w/ Netting



Red Lanyard


Multi-Purpose Pouch

Pouch Wallet

C D Com Asia: Lanyard with Gift Box

Lanyard with Gift Box

C D Com Asia: Charm Bracelets

Women's accessories

C D Com Asia: Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic Bag

C D Com Asia: Ladies' Clutch Bag

Evening Clutch Bag

Kids Bag

Children's Bags/Backpack

Yellow Water Tumbler

Water Tumbler

C D Com Asia: Non-Woven Bag (Black)

C D Com Asia: Non-Woven Bag (Navy Blue)

C D Com Asia: Microfibre Travel Bag

come with Shoe Compartment

C D Com Asia: Microfiber Document Bag

W/o Haversack

C D Com Asia: Shoe Bag

c/w Grey Pocket

C D Com Asia: PVC Leather Notebook

C D Com Asia: Stapler and Stalpes

C D Com Asia: Toiletry Pouch

Patterned Toiletry Pouch, MOQ 500pcs

C D Com Asia: Laser Pointer Pen (Brass Body)

C D Com Asia : Acrylic Plaque CD4002

C D Com Asia : Pen/Pencil Holder

C D Com Asia: Spice Jar

C D Com Asia: Neck Pouch

C D Com Asia : Acrylic Plaque CD4001

C D Com Asia: 650 ml PE WaterBottle (W1528)

C D Com Asia: Aluminum Name Card Holder

C D Com Asia: Highlighter Set (6pcs/set)

C D Com Asia: Correction Pen

C D Com Asia: Draw String Bag

C D Com Asia: 650 ml PE WaterBottle (Sword Design)

C D Com Asia: 650 ml PE WaterBottle (Finger Design)

C D Com Asia: Hackersack Bag

C D Com Asia: Double Zipper Document Bag

C D Com Asia: Manicure Set

C D Com Asia: Golfer's Tools

C D Com Asia: Lockable Food Container

C D Com Asia: Imac Stationery Set

C D Com Asia: Skipping Rope

C D Com Asia: Blue Sling Bag

C D Com Asia: FM Radio

FM Radio

C D Com Asia: Compact Mirror

Ladies' Compact Mirror

C D Com Asia: Colorful Bag

C D COM ASIA: Lanyard

We can customize lanyard based on your Pantone code. We have Nylon, Polyester, satin material etc...

C D Com Asia: Crystal Block with Base

C D Com Asia: Drawstring Bag CD131107

C D Com Asia: Thermometer


Anti-Drowsy Patch

Diplomat Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen

Black Document Bag

Travel Bag


Present Decoration Designs

C D Com Asia: Portable Earbuds, UT4711I

Color: White, Blue,Red, Black. Material:PS. Item size:6x6.2x1.6cm

C D Com Asia: Retractable Portable Earbuds, UT4708I

Color: White/Red,White/Blue. Material: ABS. Item size: 11x3. 1x1.1cm

C D COM ASIA: 3 in 1 Charging Cable, UT4705I

Color: White, Black. Material:ABS. Item size:14.5x3x1.5cm

C D COM ASIA: Double USB Car Charger, UT4703I

Color: White/Red,White/Blue, White/Green. Material: ABS. Item size: 7.5 x3.3x2.6cm

C D COM ASIA: Portable Solar Charger, UT4701I

Color: Black/Silver. Material:Alumina. Item size:9.3x4.2x1.1cm

C D COM ASIA: Green Dot Adapter, UT4709I

Color: White Material:ABS. Item size:4x2.5x2.5cm

C D COM ASIA: Universal Travel Adapter, UT4710I

Color: White Material:ABS. Item size:5.5x4x4cm

C D COM ASIA: Square Universal Travel Adapter, UT4706I

Color: White Material:ABS. Item size:7.5x5x4.1cm

C D COM ASIA: Universal Travel Adapter with USB, UT4707I

Color: White Material:ABS. Item size:8.1x5.2x4.4cm

C D COM ASIA: Universal Travel Adapter, UT4702I

Color: White, Black, Trans. Blue, Trans. Red Material:ABS. Item size:8.5x4.8x4.8cm

C D COM ASIA: Triangle Coin Pouch, UT4514I

Color: Blue,Red, Green. Material:PVC. Item size:9x7.9cm

C D COM ASIA: Simple Card Holder, UT4515I

Color: Blue,Red. Material:PVC. Item size:9.9x6.9cm

C D COM ASIA: Deluxe Card Holder, UT4516I

Color: Red,Blue, Black. Material: PVC. Item size: 12.4 x7.7cm

C D COM ASIA: Aluminum Card Holder, UT4513I

Color: Red,Blue, Black. Material: Aluminum. Item size: 11 x7.5x1.8cm

C D COM ASIA: Standing IPAD Holder, UT3883I

Color: Red,Blue,Green. Material: ABS. Item size: 9.4 x6x0.9cm

C D COM ASIA: Mobile Pouch, UT3918I

Color: Red,Blue, Green. Material: PVC. Item size: 12.4 x7.7cm

C D COM ASIA: Mobile Pouch with Carabiner, UT3862I

Color: Black. Material: Polyester. Item size:13x9x1cm

C D COM ASIA: Bullet Car Charger, UT4704I

Color: Blue,White. Material:ABS. Item size:5.7x2.3x2.3cm

C D COM ASIA: Double Wall Iphone Holder Item Number: UT3878I

Color: Black, White. Material: PS. Item size:5.5x5.8x5cm

C D Com Asia: Side Window Sunshade (Mesh)

C D Com Asia: Front Window Sunshade (polyester)

C D COM ASIA: Simple Mobile Holder, UT3885I

Color: Blue,Red, Green, Black. Material:ABS. Item size:1.5x4cm

C D COM ASIA: Silicone Iphone Holder with Horn, UT3901I

Color: Blue Material:Silicone Item size:11x5x4.7cm

C D COM ASIA: Stand with Earphone Wrap, UT3900I

Color: Red,Blue,Black,Green,White. Material: Silicon dioxide. Item size: 3.6 x2.5cm

C D COM ASIA: Ipad Stand, UT3909I

Color: White/Black Material:ABS. Item size:13.4x4x0.5cm

C D COM ASIA: Anti-slip Mobile Charger Holder, UT3899I

Color: Red,Blue,Black. Material: ABS Item size: 10.5 x9.3x0.7cm

C D COM ASIA: Coded Lock, UT3809I

Color: Silver Material:Zinc Alloy. Item size:6.5x2x0.8cm

C D COM ASIA: Rectangle Metal, UT3892I

Color: Black Material: Zinc alloy. Item size:4.1x7.5x0.7cm

C D COM ASIA: Luggage Tag, UT3828I

Color: White with Black Material:ABS. Item size:9.7x5.6x0.4cm

C D COM ASIA: Aluminium Luggage Tag, UT3888I

Color: Silver,Blue,Black Material: Aluminium. Item size:8x4x0.2cm

C D COM ASIA: Voyage Luggage Tag, UT3915I

Color: Red,Blue,Green,White. Material: PVC Item size: 25.2 x3.8cm

C D COM ASIA: Luggage Gripper, UT3896I

Color: Black, Red, Blue Material: Polyester. Item size:15x14cm

C D COM ASIA: Inflatable Pillow, UT3876I

Color: Grey Blue. Material:17 wire PVC flocking material. Item size: Air pillow 44x28cm, Velvet bag 17.7 x 12cm

C D COM ASIA: Portable Towel with Tube, UT3903I

Color: Pink, White, Brown. Material:PP. Item size:19x6.5cm

C D COM ASIA: Dual-use Cushion, UT3881I

Color: Red,Blue. Material: Polar Fleece. Item size: 130 x180cm

C D COM ASIA: Picnic Blanket, UT3880I

Color: Red,Blue,Black. Material: Nylon Item size: 130 x150cm

C D COM ASIA: Travelling Blanket, UT3874I

Color: Grey, Blue. Material: Nylon Item size: 130 x150cm

C D COM ASIA: British Style Blanket, UT3910I

Color: Red,Blue. Material: Nylon Item size: 160 x130cm

C D COM ASIA: Folding Lint Brush, UT3805I

Color: White Material:ABS. Item size:10x3x3.4cm

C D COM ASIA: Waterproof Bag with Landyard, UT3869I

Color: Clear Material:PVC. Item size:11.2x16.8cm

C D COM ASIA: 5 Compartments Toothbrush Holder, UT3866I

Color: Blue. Material:PS. Item size:12.1x10x4cm

C D COM ASIA: Toothpick dispenser, Item Number: UT3814I

Color: Clear with Orange. Material:ABS. Item size:9x2.2x0.8cm

C D COM ASIA: Foldable Frisbee, UT3503I

Color: White, Blue,Red. Material:Nylon. Item size:dia.25x0.1cm(opened), dia.10x0.8cm(folded)

C D COM ASIA: Foldable Fan, UT3842I

Color: White,Red,Blue,Green. Material: Nylon. Item size: 24x20x1.3cm(open), 9.2x8x1.3cm(closed)

C D COM ASIA: Mini USB Drive Fan, UT3893I

Color: White Material:ABS. Item size:15x15x10cm

C D COM ASIA: Back Scratch and Shoehorn, UT3846I

Color: Transparent Red, Transparent Blue. Material: PS Item size: 38.4x4.5x3cm

C D COM ASIA: 10ML Spray Pen Hand Sanitizer, UT3849I

Color: Clear. Material: PP Item size: 1.5 x13.5cm

C D COM ASIA: Pocket Can Wet Wipes, UT3832I

Color: Blue, Green. Material:PP. Item size:15.3x5.4cm

C D COM ASIA: Pocket Ball Rain Poncho, UT3843I

Color: White,Red,Blue. Material: PS. Item size: 12.5x6.5x6.5cm

C D COM ASIA: 5 Folding Umbrella, UT3873I

Color: Black Material: Polyester. Item size: Gift box 18.5x8cm

C D COM ASIA: Couple Anti-wind Umbrella, UT3913I

Color: Blue. Material:190T Polyster pongee. Item size:98cm

C D COM ASIA: 8cm Carabiner, UT4209I

Color: Silver,Blue,Red. Material:Aluminium. Item size:8x4.5x0.5cm

C D COM ASIA: Glasses Cleaner with Key Chain, UT3804I

Color: White/Black. Material:ABS. Item size:10.6x2.6cm

C D COM ASIA: Pocket Glasses Cleaner, UT3847I

Color: White, Transparent Red, Transparent Blue. Material:ABS Item size:9x4.5x0.8cm

C D COM ASIA: Cicada Sunglasses Clip, UT3803I

Color: Silver,Blue,Red. Material:ABS. Item size:7.5x2.7x4.4cm

C D COM ASIA: Car Air Freshener, UT3916I

Color: Black. Material:ABS. Item size:5.1x4cm

C D COM ASIA: Aluminium Photo Frame, UT3897I

Color: Silver. Material:Aluminium. Item size:10x3cm

C D COM ASIA: USB Air Humidifier, UT3904I

Color: White. Material:ABS. Item size:10.1x8.9cm

C D COM ASIA: Bottle Opener with Keyring, UT3807I

Color: Silver Material:Aluminium. Item size:8.2x1.2x1.6cm

C D COM ASIA: Dual Bottle Opener, UT3911I

Color: White,Blue,Red. Material:ABS. Item size:15x5x1cm

C D COM ASIA: Multi-functional Corkscrew, UT3808I

Color: Red. Material:ABS. Item size:14x3x1.6cm

C D COM ASIA: Wine Stopper, UT3919I

Color: Clear. Material:ABS. Item size:8x3.4cm

C D COM ASIA:PVC Folding Vase, UT3851I

Color: Clear/Red, Clear/Green, Clear/Yellow, Clear/Blue, Clear/Purple. Material:PVC. Item size:20x10cm

C D COM ASIA: Foldable Water Sprayer, UT3894I

Color: Blue,Red. Material:PET. Item size:15x25.5x3cm

C D COM ASIA: Bone Shape Wastebag Dispenser, UT4215I

Color: White. Material:PP Item size:8x5cm

C D COM ASIA: Retractable Dog-leash, UT4201I

Color: Blue. Material:ABS. Item size:13.5x9.3x2.7cm

C D COM ASIA: Desk Organizer, UT3917I

Color: Blue,Red. Material:PP. Item size:16.8x14x9.5cm

C D COM ASIA: Pizza Cutter, UT3871I

Color: Blue,Red. Material:ABS. Item size:15.8x9x1cm

C D COM ASIA: Cutlery Set, UT3902I

Color: White,Blue,Red, Orange. Material:ABS. Item size:17.5x3x2cm

C D COM ASIA: Egg Shape Cruet, UT3884I

Color: Blue,Red. Material:ABS. Item size:9.5x5.2x5cm

C D COM ASIA: Closure Clip, UT2005I

Color: White. Material:ABS. Item size:5.4x4.8x0.95cm

C D COM ASIA: Simple Lunch Box, UT3889I

Color: Blue,Red. Material:PP. Item size:24x18.8x6cm

C D COM ASIA: Removable Chopping Board, UT3890I

Color: Blue,Red, Clear. Material:ABS. Item size:21.4x14x1.2cm

C D COM ASIA: Non-woven Apron, UT3887I

Color: Blue,Red. Material:Non-woven. Item size:53x61cm

C D COM ASIA: Clip-On Pedometer, UT3518I

Color: Silver. Material:ABS. Item size:6.6x4.4x2.1cm

C D COM ASIA: Digital Jumping Rope, UT3519I

Color: Blue,Red. Material:ABS. Item size:17.5x3.2x2.8cm

C D COM ASIA: Golf Set, UT3501I

Color: Black. Material:PU. Item size:31.4x14.8x4.6cm

C D COM ASIA: Head Massager, UT3517I

Color: Blue,Red, Clear. Material:PP. Item size:18x9x3.8cm

C D COM ASIA: Massager, UT3511I

Color: Transparent Red, Transparent Blue. Material:PS Item size:9x4.5x0.8cm

C D COM ASIA: Bandage Dispenser, UT3201I

Color: Transparent Red, Transparent Blue, Clear. Material:PP Item size:10x4.1x1cm

C D COM ASIA: Round Pill Box, UT3213I

Color: Transparent Red, Transparent Blue. Material:PP Item size:7.2x7.2x2.2cm

box tissue

box tissue

Wallet Tissue

Customize wallet tissue


Expanding File Folder Case Bag

Display Box for Gift/Present Set

Blue Boxes

Genuine Panama Sun Hat

Panama hat

MICROFIBER Document Bags for Children

Document Bags for Children

Colored Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag

2B Wooden Drumsticks