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Buyer's Guide


A History Of Corporate Gifts Giving

The Corporate Advertising & Premium Gifts industry in Singapore was first established in the mid-1950s. In those early days, the practice was initiated by larger, more established companies as a form of appreciation to loyal, faithful clients and customers. Gift giving was limited largely to diaries, note pads, pens, key chains and wines. Today, the range of corporate gifts in the gift giving market is limited only by one's imagination. The uniqueness of individual corporate gifts is a likely measure of the degree of closeness of the client's relationship with the sender.

A Very Subtle Selling Tool

These days, companies recognize the unique subtleties of corporate gift giving. The items you give your client or customer are actually a soft-selling tactic in promoting your company's products and services. When you think of a typical day at the office, promotional items are actually a very practical and visible reinforcement. Whether it's the pen you write with in your day planner, your coffee mug, the key chain which holds your drawer keys, the company sports team t-shirt or sweatshirt, these are very powerful and effective marketing tools that keep your name constantly in view of your customer and prospects.

A Corporate Gift For Every Reason & Season

Corporate gift giving also extends to other areas such as:
    • Announcing New Products and Services
    • Outstanding Employee Recognition
    • Incentive Programmes
    • Trade Show Giveaway
Commemorating Special Events such as Golf Tournaments & Annual Dinner and Dance Celebrations
    • Premiums
    • Award Ceremonies
Safety Programmes or Issue Awareness Campaigns

Benefits Of Corporate Gift Giving

Budget With Care...And Build Up Your Recognition

Quality premiums are a cost-effective way to thank valued customers for their continued business. Giving gifts of acceptable or superior value will boost a company's image in the minds of customers and solidity your positioning with them.

Sourcing for specific items or customised products says a lot - that you care and will go the extra mile for your client. Pay attention to particular needs and likes/dislikes.

Retain Your Existing Customer Base...And Attract New Ones

When you reinforce your customers' purchase decisions with premiums, they will be less likely to give their business to your competitors. Remember that 'word of mouth' is your best advertisement (and it's free too). Satisfied customers will spread the good word about you and you'll end up with more business.

Motivation & Productivity

Employees always appreciate recognition. It gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment in a job well done. Corporate gift giving always translates into higher productivity and profits.

Supplements Your Existing Media Mix

It strengthens and supports your other avenues of media advertising and gives you far more mileage. Corporate gifts are visible 'silent' advertisement that are seen by employees, management and visitors who may become your future prospects.

A Wide Range Of Corporate Gifts Available In Today's Market

Acylic Decorative Figurines, Awards & Trophies, Badges & Pins, Bags & Carries, Caps & Hats, Calculators, Calendars & Notebooks, Children Gifts, Clocks & Watches, Candles & Accessories, Crystals, Desk-top Accessories, Electronic Products, Figurines, Fragrant Oil, Potpourris & Accessories, Games & Toys, Glassware, Home Decorative Items, Household Products, Amenities, Key Chains, Kitchenware, Leather Products, Luggage, Magnets, Memo Pads, Mouse Pads, Mugs & Coasters, Organizers & Portfolios, Ornaments, Pens, Pewter, Picture Frames, Radios, Souvenirs, Sport & Leisure Goods, Stuffed Toys, Tableware, Tool Sets, T-shirts & Apparels, Ties & Scarves, Towels, Travel Accessories, Computer-Related Accessories, Stationery Accessories, Umbrellas, Organizers, Golfing Gifts.

The Role of Premium Companies In Singapore

Corporate gift giving has evolved into a major industry today and suppliers of premiums face even greater challenges in ensuring customer satisfaction. The need to be innovative and resourceful in sourcing corporate gifts from new sources regionally and overseas is imperative in such a competitive market. Keeping in mind the latest trends in gift giving, premiums must be attractive, unique in character and of high production quality.

In Singapore, companies are up to standard in supplying corporate gifts of reasonably good quality. For the most part, the setting up of the Gifts Association (Singapore) has helped in providing quality suppliers who are more professional in their relationship with buyers.

Helpful Hints & Tips To Help In Your Search For Potential Gift


Research, Research, Research - Check first of all to see if the company is registered as a member of The Gifts Association (Singapore). It is better to deal with an accredited company of the association, one that has a track record and established history in the corporate gifts industry.

If At All Possible, Be Prepared With A List Of Your Needs - Preferably, determine beforehand the kind of gifts you want. Make a detailed listing your requirements and don't forget to include specifics for each gift category. Be thorough in telling your supplier precisely what you're looking for.

Determine Gift Preferences - When making gift selections for both sexes, bear in mind that males and females have distinct preferences and so do those in different age groups. It might be wise to do a little personal market research to determine general likes and dislikes among sexes and age groups.

Budget Talk - Have a budget in mind before you discuss different price ranges for general as well as specific or customised gifts. Examine the company's gift portfolio (and samples) to see what they can offer. Examine samples of merchandise carefully for quality and uniqueness.

Quantity & Delivery Dates - Be specific in the quantity you are ordering and the precise date of delivery. Reliability and dependability should be the hallmark of every supplier as this reflects the professionalism of the corporate gifts industry.